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Tony Carr cleared a year after bank robbery, officer-involved shooting

Tony Carr Tony Carr

It'sbeen a year since the robbery of the MEA Federal Credit Union and the Columbuspolice shooting that left two men dead.

Important questions that lingered about TonyCarr, one of the men killed that day, have been answered.

"After careful review, I find nothing, in either the investigatory reportfrom the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, nor the follow up investigationconducted by the Office of the District Attorney, to indicate that Tony Carrwas involved in the robbery of the MEA [Federal] Credit Union," said DistrictAttorney Julia Slater in a press release Friday afternoon.

"Althoughthis office has never implicated Mr. Carr of any wrongdoing, I believe it isimportant for me to release this finding," Slater continued. "Because of thedevelopments in the follow-up investigation, I am not yet in a position torelease the next step for this case."

Carrwas an Army-employed civilian who worked at Fort Benning's Directorate ofEmergency Services as a fire inspector.

OnSeptember 2011, Carr went to his home on Gardenia Drive during his break to lethis dog out. At the same time, robbery suspect Alrahiem Tolbert ran from theMEA Federal Credit Union off Macon Road on foot, saw Carr, and jumped into histruck.

Moments later, both men were dead.

Localleaders from the NAACP and Carr's family have been asking for answerssurrounding this case for months.

"The DA has her time and her cycle that she works on," said NateSanderson, the President of the Columbus Chapter of the NAACP. "That's not thepurpose of this case. What we are talking about is we're talking about havingour elected officials be accountable to the community. They owe us an update onwhat is going on."

"Hewas not involved in this robbery," said Schanta Newman, a friend of Carr. "Itwas not in his character. I believe he was hijacked and held hostage in his ownvehicle."

Mark Post, candidate for District Attorney in the ChattahoocheeJudicial Circuit, has repeatedly criticized the District Attorney for her delay indeciding whether a crime was committed in the course of the officer's responseto the credit union robbery.

Postadded that in addition to the lack of closure for the family, there is theadditional issue of keeping an officer on indefinite leave.

"OfficerVincent Lockhart Jr. has been on paid administrative leave since that day inSeptember of last year," Post said. "I suspect that Officer Lockhart would liketo get back to work. And, of course the taxpayers are paying for that."

Slatertold News Leader 9 last month that she had a good reason for the delay.

"I can assure you that I have been working diligently on this matter andit will be resolved as soon as possible," said Slater. "Havingperformed this task in my role as District Attorney, I know that eachofficer-related shooting must be handled on a case-by-case basis and there canbe no artificial timeline."

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