Winning the undecided voters

Winning the undecided voters

COLUMBUS, GA - More than 10,000 people in Columbus have already cast their vote in the presidential election and with numbers like that, it may be hard to believe there are undecided voters out there.

We are only 15 days away from November 6 when people across the country will cast their vote for our next president, but some voters in Columbus like  Ashley Meodows say they are still undecided.

"I don't want to be an ignorant voter," said Meodows. "I want to make sure that I understand everything as much as I can, and even if at the end, if I still don't fully support anything from either candidate, I probably will end up not voting."

The focus of Monday night's final debate between President Obama and Governor Romney is foreign policy, but undecided voter Turner Blackburn says he also wants to hear more about other key issues.

"Just the economical situation and what they plan to do and what direction they plan to take our country in so that we can get back to a steady, stable economy," said Blackburn.

Political expert David Lanoue of Columbus State University says even though thousands of voters have already made up their minds, the debates can sway those who are on the fence.

He says take the results from the first debate after the polls named Romney as the winner.

"He [Romney] turned it from an election where the president was clearly leading to an election now which is razor thin," said Lanoue. "What that tells you is if Obama or Romney wins big tonight, maybe it will change things by two percent, but two percent at this point is the whole ball game."

The undecided voters we spoke with say even though they will be watching, they will not be taking everything at face value.

"I think the debates are really just talking and them doing their best to sway undecided voters," said Meodows. "So, really what they're saying I really can't trust what is coming out of their mouths other than reading on their facts and their platforms."

Lanoue says Monday both candidates will have a lot to prove to win the debate.

He says President Obama will have to address the unrest in the Middle East.

Lanoue says Romney will have to show that he understands the issues and knows what to do on the international stage.

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