Phenix City councilman Max Wilkes laid to rest

Phenix City councilman Max Wilkes laid to rest

PHENIX CITY, AL (WXTX) - The man credited with bringing and keeping sports and recreation in Phenix City was laid to rest Monday.

Former Phenix City councilman Max Wilkes' funeral services were held this morning at Lakewood Baptist Church in Phenix City.

Wilkes passed away Thursday after a stroke.

As a member of city council, Wilkes served the people of Phenix City for more than three decades.

His peers say although they are sad he's gone, they want to celebrate all the work he put into the community.

"It's a sad day for Phenix City with the loss of Max Wilkes," said Steve Pace, who worked with Wilkes. "He'd been a servant in this community for 34 years. Max was looking forward to a comfortable retirement with friends and family and traveling. I regret for him, and them, that loss. But, for the greater community we celebrate all that Max has done."

City Manager Wallace Hunter says the community center Wilkes helped to bring to Phenix City will most likely be named after Wilkes once it's completed.