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WTVM 10/24/12 Editorial: Alabama Constitution Amendment 4


One of the biggest and closest presidential elections is only days away.

While making your choice of who will lead the country for the next four year, voters in Alabama also have one important ballot issue they need to decide on.

Amendment 4 deals with removing what's considered racist language from the state's constitution.

The current language buried in the constitution says: "separate schools shall be provided for white and colored children…and no child of either race shall be permitted to attend a school of the other race."

It's hard for anyone to argue to not take those words out of the Alabama constitution.  The only question is, what might be the consequences of such a change?

State Senator Arthur Orr and others believe it's time to be rid of those segregationist words and that will be that.

However, the powerful Alabama Education Association -- the teacher's union –  has come out against the proposal, believing that it would eliminate the state's duty to educate all Alabama children. 

We've looked into the issue and believe that the time has come to eliminate the offensive language and that any talk of not guaranteeing all children the right to an education is just that: all talk.  

We recommend you vote "yes" on Alabama amendment-4 removing the racist language. 

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