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Muscogee schools to learn fate soon


The Muscogee County School Board learned new information Wednesday night about whether they will retain their status as an accredited institution.

If they don't, high school students may have a tougher time getting into college.

A quality assurance review team has done a thorough investigation of the district and the findings of that evaluation will affect whether the school will have their accreditation renewed, which is up for consideration every five years.

For students, accredited status gives them greater access to federal loans, scholarships, and better chances of being accepted to universities and military programs.

The standard allows colleges to fairly judge the grades of students who come from different schools, or even different states. Without accreditation, there is no way for an institution of higher learning to know if a 4.0 average in Muscogee County is as good as a 4.0 from Harris County.

It will also be more difficult for students to transfer credtis when they move districts if their school is not accredited.

This is a process that the Muscogee County School District voluntarily chose to be a part of. The district is not required to be accredited, but carrying that distinction will definitely help the image of its students.

Following Wednesday's special meeting, the final answer to the accreditation question should be coming soon.

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