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Parents and students on edge after shooting threats at Northside


Rumors of a possible shooting at Northside High School all started from a post on the social networking site Twitter. 

Wednesday, police patrols were increased at the high school.

Junior Tanner Smith said he and other students were very alarmed to hear about the supposed shooting. He said it started from inappropriate racial remark another student posted on Twitter last week.

"Half the students in the school got checked out. Some of them stayed home because of the rumors," Smith said. "I think we should stop all the racial remarks everyone has been doing. Violence is not the answer to everything." 

Northside High Principal James Wilson told us while many believe the two incidents are connected there is no reason to believe that they are. 

"Rumors have it that one incident, [Wednesday's] incident was tied to that, but we know that is coming from inaccurate information because the young man is not here," Wilson said. 

Wilson says since that student posted those negative remarks on the Internet he no longer attends Northside. Still the rumors of a possible shooting prompted parents to pick their students up from school early; putting the number of students absent from school just over 100.   

"Anytime you are hearing about guns and your children are at the school you are very worried," Askew said.

Natasha Askew's son is a sophomore at Northside. She says she immediately called the school after hearing about the rumors. She says while Twitter may be the root of recent problems at the school students should be monitored by their parents. 

"I do not think social media is the problem, I think we as parents need to be more involved in and we don't have to go and hear about things on social media if you are talking to your children every day you know what's going on," Smith said. 

Other parents say while they were alarmed by the rumors they didn't pick their children up because, "I trust the school I know the principal and the teachers are out for the best interest of the students," said a parent.

Principal Smith told News Leader 9 school will continue as normal this week. 

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