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Special Report: Know your credit score


Knowing your credit score is one thing, butperfecting it is another especially when your credit report could be filledwith errors. 

When Samantha Knipe and her husband went tobuy a house, a not so great credit score got in the way. 

Knipe said after spending a year improvingtheir scores they still weren't good enough.

"Oh you know it's fine we'll just crossthat bridge when we get there, then we got there and they just kind of said nothat's ok, " said Knipe. 

Luckily the Knipes are in the process ofclosing on another house, thanks to catching mistakes on their reports andgetting them removed, which boosted their scores.

Sean Starkey is the manager for Wells Fargoin Columbus and said it's important to pay attention to detail.

Starkey explained, "A lot of times onyour credit report you'll see a medical bill you didn't know about, a creditcard you forgot about, an old student loan you haven't paid and you may need todispute that."

Consumer Watch Anchor Chandi Lowry went to www.annualcreditreport.com, whichis free, and she discovered a medical bill she had no idea was on there.

If that happens you can either dispute aclaim on annual credit report dot com or contact the main agencies Equifax,Experian or Transunion.

63% of Americans said they don't knowtheir score let alone what's on their credit reports.

That's why Wells Fargo is stepping in byoffering free credit reports and scores to their customers until Nov 15.

In Columbus the average credit score is 721,which is compared to the national average of 750, according to Experian.


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