Be There: Making math and science fun

Be There: Making math and science fun

COLUMBUS, GA - Studies show that of the ten fastest growing occupations in the country, eight are science, math or technology related.

However, those subjects can be daunting to some children and even their parents.

"My teacher always told us that math is going to get you through life. Math is always going to have you to make success in your future," said 5th grade student Aaliyah Redding.

Redding and her family went to her school, Brewer Elementary School in Columbus, for Math and Science Night on Tuesday.

It is a time when students from pre-k to 5th grade can play games like adding playing cards to make ten, learn how to make snow, or check out the stars in Coca-Cola Space Science Center's portable planetarium.

"I get pleasure out of seeing them learning. I try to keep them excited about learning and I try to teach them that the more they learn the better it is for them in the future," said Chris Walker, a parent.

For parents, like Barbara Douglas, it is also a chance to get involved.

"It gives the kids to play plus learn at the same time, and when they have activities like this for the kids it makes the kids want to learn more," said Douglas.

5th grader Omarion Inman says the event helped him learn so much more about math and science.

"We learned adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing," said Inman.

Inman's aunt Mary Nix says she is grateful the school put something like this together for the students.

"You have kids nowadays who go out and get in trouble and everything and this is a way to bring them back in and do a check on learning for them," said Nix.

Brewer Elementary Principal Cenobia Moore says the day was all about letting kids know math and science are not as intimidating as they seem and to just make learning fun.

"Math and science as well as reading and writing are very important areas for our students to be able to be prepared and be successful in life," said Moore.

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