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WTVM 10/31/12 Editorial: Voting


If you've been on social media sites lately, you've seen lots of talk about the presidential election. 

While many of the postings are endorsing one candidate or the other, there are also a lot of nasty comments and candidate bashing coming from both sides. 

This is an important time not just on the national level, but locally and regionally too.  

That's why we think it's time to take a breath, stop the badmouthing, and do your homework.

We're electing a president in a few days, but voters in Southwest Georgia and Eastern Alabama are also deciding some key congressional and municipal races, as well as proposed constitutional and charter changes that will effect local and state government for years to come. 

There's a lot at stake and we hope voters will be able to look past the rhetoric and try to separate fact from fiction.

You can find lots of election information on our website wtvm.com under the politics tab.

We urge everyone to get out and vote on Tuesday November 6. It's your right and your duty.  

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