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Veterans get help searching for jobs


Hundreds of new jobs are being offered to our heroes who gathered at Fort Benning for a job fair Thursday.  The fair was geared towards helping them put their military skills to work.

On November 21, 2011, President Obama signed the Veterans Opportunity to Work to Hire Heroes Act. The bill will go into effect November 21, 2012. It will help put our nation's heroes back to work once they retire.

Being a veteran and finding a job is a task veteran Dana Murphy said is quite difficult.

"You have a lot of different qualities and experiences that you gain throughout the military," Murphy said. "You don't know where to start with yourself because you don't want to leave anything out and you don't want to put too much."

After three deployments and many years of service, Murphy retired from the military in 2007.  She got a job working in food services but was laid off in March.

Like many other veterans, Murphy had to learn to translate her military skills into working experience. That's where a website called Heroes to Hire Program comes into play.

"What happens over all is we have a MOS translator. You can go into the site as a military occupationalist for the army and or AFC for the Air force," said Reserve Affairs officer Sergeant Major Wayne Bowser. "You can go into the system and out in that particular MOS and the system will translate and find what that particular job is and help you find jobs in the area."

Within seconds Sergeant Major Bowser was able to find more than 100 jobs for an airman that went inside the truck.

Murphy says she's excited to start using the program.  

"It's really neat and it's a quick process," Murphy said. "I was able to get in there and put in my information and it translated it to civilian language so that I would be able to tweak my resume so that it will fit the job that I am looking for."

The H2H program can be used from home. Go to to start using the program.   

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