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Georgia woman gives insight on Super-storm Sandy

Diana Salvatore lives and works in Long Island. She tells us in a Skype interview that this was the worst blackout that the Island had ever seen. 

"This storm was just the perfect storm; it was a trifecta of three disastrous factors," Salvatore said. 

Salvatore says the storm brought raging wind, and surge waters that flooded their entire basement--- her home is pretty much condemned.

"You wouldn't even recognize the house... the garage looked like a tornado had hit the refrigerator had been completely ripped out the wall," Salvatore said. 

It was the tide caused by the full moon that made waves two feet higher than expected. 

"It's terrible, it was only a category 1 but the damage is like a category 4," she said.

Salvatore, who worked as a producer at Fox 54 and moved back to New York from Columbus  less than a year ago, doesn't know anyone personally who lost their lives in the storm but has heard horror stories.

"One person had like a tree branch fall on him someone out on the south shore a body just washed up on the beach," she said.

Right now Diana and her family are living in a camper and getting power from a generator. Lights were recently restored in her area but still they have no house to call a home.

"New Yorkers have made it through much worse in the past...pick up the pieces and not only rebuild, but build stronger," Salvatore said. 

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