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Holden re-elected to 3rd term as mayor


Mayor Kip Holden was re-elected to his third term in East Baton Rouge Parish by capturing 60 percent of the vote.

It has been a historic session for him. He said he's going to build a Baton Rouge that people have never dreamed of. He said he's got four more years and plenty to do.

He also announced a project called 'Team Baton Rouge.' He said he wants to get everyone on board to try to do their best to tackle the city's problems.

There is still lots of time left with this last term.

Holden was very sentimental after the win.

"In spite of all the things that went on and I'm not going to dwell on all of those, but the people of Baton Rouge are big enough not to allow $300,000 of negative campaigning change their course because they know this city is on the right track and we will continue to move this city toward the right track," Holden said. "But, the only way we're going to be able to do it is if the council, mayor, business people and people of all walks of life have to come in and make a definitive statement that it's time for change and not just let it be lip service."

Holden said there are still many problems to tackle, but added he is going to get right into it. He was very happy about the BRAVE initiative targeting the 70805 zip code. He pointed out there were no murders there in October, so he believes that is starting to work.

He faced three challengers. Councilman Mike Walker was the closest, getting 34 percent. The other two candidates combined for 5 percent.

WAFB political analyst Jim Engster projected Holden would win around 10 p.m.

Walker took to the podium to give a concession speech shortly after the projection was announced. He offered additional comments a little later.

"We've got a wonderful team. We worked really, really hard," Walker said. "We tackled the issues head-on. We brought out the right issues. And, we debated the issues throughout in a proper manner that I liked. I'm very proud of the way we handled our campaign and we did pretty good, quite frankly."

He was asked about how he was going to do to work through the issues with the mayor and the council to move things through in a positive light for the people of East Baton Rouge Parish.

"I'm still a councilman. I'm still mayor pro tem. I'm going to work closely with the council over the next 30 days to peruse the budget that we got within the last moment yesterday. No one really knows what's in it yet. So, we'll be looking over the budget for the next 30 days and see what it is and what we might want to do with it," Walker responded.

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