Be There: helping kids understand the election

Be There: helping kids understand the election

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Even though the elections are over, local schools throughout Columbus are using Tuesday's General Election as a way to teach kids more about how our government works.

It was hard to miss the campaigning for the 2012 Presidential Election. Even though the polls are closed, some teachers throughout Muscogee County say the election is still the perfect teachable moment.

"Try to educate them to the government types, the government system, the candidates, their issues, and what is going on and how it directly affects them in Muscogee County," said Michael Murphy, a Richards Middle School teacher.

In Murphy's 7th grade World Cultures class at Richards Middle School, students talked about government powers and the voting process.

For student Noah Evans, it helped explain some things he has seen in the media coverage of the election.

"It actually helped me a lot because I don't get everything, but since we discussed it a little, I get it more," said Evans.

Richards Middle School was not alone. On Tuesday, at East Columbus Magnet Academy, students participated in a mock presidential election.

"It gives us the opportunity to show kids that it's a great right for us in America to be able to vote," said East Columbus Magnet Academy Principal Kevin Scott.

Now, Murphy encourages parents to continue the conversations at home.

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