Maya Angelou speaks at Auburn University

Maya Angelou speaks at Auburn University

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) - One of the nation's foremost poet laureates visited Auburn University Thursday night.

The legendary Dr. Maya Angelou was the Woman's Leadership Institute's guest for the extraordinary women lecture tonight at the AU Hotel and Conference Center.

The room was packed: more than 700 tickets were given out and 300 more people showed up early to hopefully catch a glance and hear one of the most renowned and influential voices of our time.

Maya Angelou is an 84-year-old writer with many accomplishments under her belt, including being awarded the President's Medal of Freedom in 2011. Today her aim was to inspire young people to find courage in themselves through writing.

"Writing, going back to that kind of communication, it's so important," said Cary Bayless, AU Liberal Arts Ambassador. "So I am really hoping that she will get that message out to everyone and we can just light Auburn on Fire."

Angelou also pressed the whole notion of coming together as one, healing our nation and respecting other's humanity and individualism.

One other thing Dr. Angelou said was the poetry puts starch in you backbone and gives you the courage to think that you can become more than you can be.

All around, it was a truly inspirational evening.

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