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Sunday alcohol sales poses problem for business owners

Ralph Smith has worked at Mr. B's Package Store in Columbus for over 30 years. He says the recent vote to allow alcohol sales on Sunday is one of the biggest "alcohol sell" changes in Muscogee County since prohibition. He does not believe the  Sunday sales will be good for business.

"We don't think we will sell anymore, we don't think you are going to buy anymore so we don't think we will sell anymore we don't think we will make anymore money," Smith said. 

While Smith is against alcohol sales Columbus mayor Teresa Tomlinson argues that the business could potentially be good for the city. 

"It will mean slightly more revenue for the city, I've seen some estimates that are very general for the state so nothing specific to Muscogee county," Tomlinson said. 

The Mayor voted for Sunday alcohol sales saying that the citizens of Muscogee County should at least have a choice to buy alcohol on Sunday if they want to. Ralph Smith says allowing the sales could potentially put lives in danger.

"I think you are going to turn Sunday into Friday and Saturday. I think you will have more crime on the street, they are going to have to put more police officers on the street," Smith said. 

Several of Smith's competitors say that they will consider selling alcohol on Sunday so that they don't lose customers.

"They feel like if there customers go somewhere else on Sunday, they might go back there on Monday and Tuesday." 

Smith hasn't decided what he is going to do yet. Sunday sales also mean that liquor stores can now be open on Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Smith says this is where he draws the line.

"Don't come down here because we won't be here."

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