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Adopted child with rare cancer sends new family near bankruptcy

Aidyn Reid Aidyn Reid

Aidyn Reid is a four-year-old from Harris County with a rare form of cancer called germ cell and his case is breaking new ground in the medical field. 

Because of his condition, Aidyn has spent most of his life in a hospital and when he is home, he needs a nurse to take care of him.  There isn't anything about his life that's normal.  He can't eat regular food and he gets all of his nutrition through an I.V. tube. 

Fifty-three surgeries and a combined 60 rounds of chemotherapy and radiation have left him with side effects such as hearing loss and partial paralysis.

"He doesn't have a bottom at all, they taught him how to sit up and they basically said this is what you're stuck with, but we've been teaching him how to walk," said his mother, Dora Reid.

Aidyn is an adopted child and doctors did not discover his condition until after his new family took him in. To add to their problems, taking care of Aidyn has put them on the verge of bankruptcy.  His mother explains that help available to cancer patients greatly diminishes when they're not in the hospital.

"There's not a lot of help because a lot of people don't need it. But people like Aidyn, it's going to be his life for some time, if not forever," said Reid.

The family had to close their successful restaurant in Hamilton to devote more time to taking care of Aidyn.  Since then, they've gotten behind in bills and now their house is up for foreclosure. 

"My mom and dad have helped out financially, but everyone is getting up in years, and everybody has drained everything that they know, including us," said Reid.

During Aidyn's treatments, his older brother and sisters left school to pick up jobs for additional income.  His dad even withdrew his 401k this summer and now they have no retirement savings. 

Even though they are headed for financial ruin, Aidyn's mother says she does not regret adopting him.

Donations to the family are being accepted at any Wells Fargo Branch under the Aidyn Reid Fund in care of Brittany Reid.

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