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MPS ends FY12 on a good financial note


Montgomery Public Schools is in much better shape than it's been in a while financially speaking after ending fiscal year 2012 with an extra $11.5 million dollars after all the bills were paid.

"and that's up from about 7.9 million a year ago, up from a negative 2.6 million two years ago, so we've made significant progress."

Montgomery Public Schools Assistant Superintendent of Fiance Ron Glover says that's a big turnaround for the district.

Outgoing school board president Charlotte Meadows says this a much needed positive boost for the district.

"I think the school board is on a good track. It's certainly a big sigh of relief when you've got a little bit of money in your back pocket in case there is an emergency," Meadows said.

MPS operates on about $17.5 million dollars a month.

Glover says this past fiscal year was the closest the district has been in six years to meeting the state requirement of having a month's worth of operating funds in reserve.

Glover says as a result, the district won't have to submit a plan to the state outlining steps to improve the financial status as they've had to do for the last few years. But he says there's still much work to be done.

"We're going to continue to be as efficient as possible," Glover said.

Good news for this past fiscal year but some uncertainty for this year's ending balance. Glover says the district will be lucky if it sees that same sharp increase and surplus.

"Our budget that we passed last month or a few months ago was pretty tight. I think there's going to be some reduction, reductions in taxes and other local revenues so, we're going to have to look at our budget more carefully," Glover said.

Meadows says she received several calls inquiring about the status of the grade changing allegations investigation. She says the board has not be apprised and she has not heard personally about anything specific regarding the investigation.

Click the link below to view MPS September 2012 Financial Report

And we mentioned, Meadows is the outgoing board president. Her last day is November 30th. Durdin Dean will take her seat. An installation ceremony is scheduled for December 3rd.

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