Columbus Water Works looks to increase water bills

Columbus Water Works looks to increase water bills

Columbus residents can expect an increase in their water bills over the next five years, leading to you paying about $10 more a month.

Columbus Water Works is planning a series of 4.95% rate increases over the next five years. Officials with Water Works appeared before Columbus City Council on Tuesday and presented their planned rate increases.

According to officials, right now an average customer is getting a bill of about $49.43 every month. With the increase, next year, average customers could be paying $51.87 every month. That's about a $2.44 increase per month.

But, with the increase every year, people could be paying $62.96 every month by 2017.

However, they say they can only adopt an increase in rates for FY 2013 that would go into effect January 1. They will have to come back in following years to approve the rate increase for each year or adjust as they see fit.

Reasons for this, officials say, is an increase in operating costs, infrastructure renewal, and preparation for forecasting 2013/2014 bond issues.

They say Columbus is still way below the national average for rate increases.