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WTVM 11/16/12 Editorial: WTVM and Animal Control

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EDITORIAL: Whenever there's a disaster like a fire, tornado or the recent storm that tore apart the northeast region of our country, many times pets are the first to be left behind.

When animals are abandoned and left astray, organizations like our Columbus Animal Care and Control Center come to the rescue. And so can you.

WTVM has begun a partnership with them to showcase the animals in our area that need homes. 

Last year alone, more than 8,000 were taken to the pound- only 36% of those were adopted or reunited with their owners; that means 64% had to be put to death because there were no owners for them.

WTVM wants to help our local animal control center give these pets a second chance at life. Each Tuesday and Thursday, we will introduce you to more than half-a-dozen pets that need a home.

Sadly, those animals who are not adopted will be euthanized within 7 to 10 days of being taken in. So please help.


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