WTVM 11/15/12 Editorial: Respect the President

WTVM 11/15/12 Editorial: Respect the President

(WTVM) - In all the ballyhoo about elections my oldest daughter posted the following on Facebook. I am proud of her for having done so and I have her permission to share her comments with you:

"What are you doing personally to bring people together to work towards the goals you believe are worthy?

No one man will decide the fate of this great nation. No party either for that matter. We are a nation of always changing individuals. Our experiences change us as well as our politics.

If you feel strongly enough about an issue, do something. Don't spend the next four years waiting for someone else to come along and make you promises.

I am teaching my children to respect the office of president. We get the amazing opportunity to vote. We don't always win but we support and honor the president. And we support and honor our fellow Americans.

I have hope in our near and distant future as a country. I'm not scared, and I'm not moving to Canada.

I don't want to know who you voted for. I love you regardless so I don't need to know. "

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