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Valley police search for Chevy Camaro joyriders


Valley police are asking you to keep your eyes and ears open for two suspected car thieves.

If you hear someone talking about taking a joy ride in a new Chevrolet Camaro, police are asking you to give them a call.

Two Camaros on the lot at Valley's King Chevrolet were apparently irresistible to two joyriders.

"We had a couple of guys felt like they needed to come in and take two of our Camaros on a joy ride," said Tommy Camp of King Chevrolet GM. "I understand they are exciting vehicles to drive. But you know it's not the law and we have things like the law in place and you will get caught."

The cars were taken sometime Tuesday night or Wednesday morning. Police say the suspects broke into the building, stole two lap top computers,  then found the keys to the two new cars, parked outside.

"While an officer was on the scene taking the report, employees with King Chevy were able to contact OnStar and they used the service and both vehicles were located in Lanett," said Maj. Mike Reynolds of the Valley Police Department.

Police recovered evidence from the vehicles, but won't say exactly what they found. Meanwhile, the keys are still missing, so the two Camaros are parked in a safe location and are waiting to be driven off the lot next time by a paying customer.

The dealership is thankful, the cars were located using OnStar and only one of them had a small scratch.

Meanwhile, if you have any information on this are encouraged to call police.

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