Women in Lee County take charge through self-defense

Women in Lee County take charge through self-defense

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) - Bad guys beware.

Auburn University's Department of Public Safety and the Lee County Sheriff's Office are helping the woman of our community stay safe by offering self-defense classes.

The woman of the Auburn and Opelika are becoming prepared to fight off attackers in case the unthinkable were to happen.

The class is sponsored by R.A.D.: Rape, Aggression, Defense, and their mission is to create a safer future for woman.

Lyn Littleton is one RAD instructor from the AU Department of Public Safety who believes woman need to always be prepared for unexpected danger.

"As woman we need to know we have options for defending ourselves against attackers and options we can use that are not based on our own physical strengths, but techniques in order to get away from an attacker," explains Littleton.

Ninety percent of the RAD class is lectures on safety and what you must do to avoid an attack. The other 10 percent is the technique.

News Leader 9 sat in on the last part of a RAD class, the simulation. This is where participants are able to practice their techniques learned to get away from the aggressor.

"It's kind of scary to begin with, you don't know what to expect. They build you up all week and then once you're in there it makes you feel empowered, so if you are actually attacked you're comfortable in saying, no I'm in control and you're not going to do this to me," says one R.A.D participant, Naomi Rigby.

R.A.D classes are offered to University students, the A-U faculty and also to the community through the Lee County Sheriff's office.

"It opened my eyes to things I thought I knew, but I really didn't and I thought I was prepared, but I really wasn't. After taking this course I am," explains Rigby.

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