Your Look Ahead to News Leader 9 at 11

Good Evening I'm Barbara Gauthier.  It's a busy night in the WTVM Newsroom.  Here's a look at some of the stories our news crews are working on for News Leader 9 at 11.

Man Shoots Three in Columbus Still on the Run

The search continues tonight for the gunman who shot three people including a one year old child.  The baby, mother and a man are all being treated at Columbus Regional Medical Center.  We'll tell you how they're doing and what police believe may have been the motive for the shootings.

Fans Line Up For Final Twilight Installment

Twilight fans are turning out and lining up as the last installment of the hugely popular movie series debuts tonight at midnight.  Who will have the best showing tonight- Will it be "Team Jacob" or "Team Edward?" We're live with all the hoopla from the Carmike Cinemas in Columbus.

Women Fighting Back!

New since 6 o'clock - Women in East Alabama take a stand against crime.  We take you to a special class that's teaching women how not to be victims especially during the holiday season when many women are targeted by criminals.

Join us for those stories plus Chief Meteorologist Derek Kinkade is looking ahead to your Thanksgiving travel forecast.  It's all coming up in less than an hour on News Leader 9 at 11.