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Hostess Brands laying off 18,000, including Columbus workers


Hostess is laying off over 18,000 workers nationwide, including Columbus.  About 400 people at Dolly Madison Bakery in Columbus will be out of a job less than a week before Thanksgiving.

The entire plant is shutting down.

Hostess says this was caused by a nationwide strike that crippled its ability to make and deliver its products at several locations.

We spoke with some employees and they tell us this was a surprise, and caught them off guard.

Extra security was called to the bakery Friday morning as a precaution just before 
employees were given their pink slips. 

Nikesha Marshall grew upin Columbus and remembers seeing the bakery throughout her childhood, and saysshe feels bad for those who are affected.

"I feel real sorryfor them and it's a sad situation because I know a lot of people that have kidsand, you know, they're dependent on their jobs and going to work faithfullyeveryday and looking forward to going to work, and you get to work and you findout that you don't have a job to support your family... That's a sad situation,"Marshall said.

We spoke with someemployees off camera who say they came in to work like normal, and weresurprised with the bad news.

Dunae Solomon is from thearea, and wants to tell the employees searching for a new job to not give uphope.

"There's a lot ofpeople that have a lot of responsibilities: a house, buying cars, buyinghouses, taking care of the kids, grandkids, it's affecting a lot of people inthe community so you just have to keep your faith and keep on, keep onbelieving, just hold on," Solomon said. "It's a sad, sad day for alot of people this year."

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