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Fire destroys home, family tries to put the pieces back together


A Phenix City family is trying to cope with the fact that they're homeless after a fire tore through their home last week and left them with nothing.

"[She's lost] everything they need to live. There wasn't enough time to save clothes, furniture, personal belongings, possessions, everything; she has nothing," the victim's aunt Amy Ray said.

Charred walls, broken windows, and personal items scattered all across the yard is what was left of the home single parent Yalonda Watford shared with her three small children.

"We were all sitting in the house [across the street] and we heard the babies scream out the back door. My mother and I walked outside to see what was going on," Ray said.

They were running away from the place they called home for about a year.  The family stood by as their home burned to the ground. It happened Thursday around 2:30 in the afternoon.

Watford's children are age 6, 4, and 3.  Most of her family lives just steps behind her home. Ray said once she noticed the house on fire, she jumped into action.

"I took off, off my parents porch to go inside and see what was going on. It was already out of control. It was too fast for us to help put it out," said Ray.

Ray said the house baked for what seemed a life-time destroying everything in its path.  Ray explained her niece even finding a shirt to wear has become quite the task.

"She needs clothes specifically for herself. We've had a lot of donations for the children but getting donations for her is hard," said Ray.

Unfortunately, Watford wasn't prepared for this type of disaster.  "She doesn't have insurance," Ray said.

Ray explained Watford's 4-year-old mistakenly set the fire while playing with a lighter.  The Red Cross reached out to the family but again, they had no insurance lost everything. 

If you'd like to help the Watford family you can call (334) 214-9326 and ask to speak to Amy Ray.

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