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United Tax Services to serve Thanksgiving dinners to those in need


To help those in need of agood home-cooked Thanksgiving meal, a local organization is trading in their calculatorsfor aprons.

Thanksgiving is just oneday away, and while some families are preparing a feast, others may not havethat luxury.       

According to www.homelessresourcenetwork.org,there are thousands of homeless people living in Columbus and thousands moreliving in poverty.

Several localorganizations are doing everything they can to make sure as many people aspossible get to enjoy the traditional meal.

We met up with taxpreparers over at United Tax Services on South Lumpkin Road who say when theyneeded help, people where there for them.

"It's truly a blessing.It's a blessing for us," said organizer Bonnie Williams. "It's a blessing togive back. We didn't have much. People helped us by donating so we know it willmean a lot." 

Williams says there shouldbe enough to feed 200 to 300 people or more. The first plate will be served atnoon and will continue until the food runs out.

United Tax Services arenot the only ones giving back this holiday season.

If you know anyone that isin need, we've put together a list of organizations with locations and timesthat are offering meals.

We'll also have the fulldetails on the United Tax Services event.

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