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Columbus volunteers feed hungry homeless in the park


Volunteers from five churches are making sure that everyone has something to eat this holiday week, even those who are living on the street. 

Word got out fast in the homeless community and while the event received a large turnout, there was plenty of food for everyone.  

"We just told everybody we want to reach out to some less fortunate people, try to reach some people in our community.  We all just came together and things just piled up.  It's pretty cool to see," said Chase Welch of Love Revolution Ministries.

The crowd was treated to a meal that could have just as easily been served in a restaurant.

"I like that they came down here and helped people out if they need food, or they need clothing, or anything, they can help them out.  I especially loved the macaroni," said Badaisha Fincher.

"We have turkey, and we have dressing, we have baked beans, mac and cheese, we have sweets, we have goody bags, so they can have them for later with some canned goods and stuff in them, so they can pop the tops," said Anne Johns of Billy Bob Outreach

A group called the Billy Bob Outreach spearheaded today's giveaway. They're an active voice for the welfare of transient people in Columbus, and this past summer, they spoke openly in opposition to a plan to remove the homeless camp from underneath the 2nd Avenue Bridge. Today, the area is sealed off.

"There's a fence there. I went down there and took photos of it, I couldn't believe it. It looked like a ten, twelve foot fence, there's no way they could get under there," said Johns.

Groups like New Horizons have helped with their relocation by finding those homeless people a place to live while fully funding them over a three month period. The recipients of today's meal were glad to have to get this assistance the day before Thanksgiving.

"I used to be homeless about three weeks ago, and New Horizons got me an apartment, but I heard from one of my friends that they were feeding down here, and I'm really blessed," said Mark Brown.

These groups say they'll be continuing to help families get food throughout the holiday season.

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