Fort Benning feeds an army for Thanksgiving

Fort Benning feeds thousands

More than 14,000—that is how many Thanksgiving meals soldiers on Fort Benning will be enjoying this week.

More than 8,000 pounds of turkey, more than 3,000 pounds of ham, and more than 6,000 pies, and that is only part of what it takes to feed thousands of soldiers a Thanksgiving meal on Fort Benning.

"It is a great opportunity to come together as a family and cherish our time together," said Specialist Alexandra Barragan.

Barragan joined other soldiers with the 11th Engineer Battalion and some of their families enjoying all the fixings on post on Wednesday.

She says it is a time to thank all the soldiers who are serving overseas and will not be home for the holidays.

"Sometimes, we're off and training or some of our people are deployed or some of our soldiers are not here with us. It is a good thing to do to remember them as well because they're not going to be able to be with families this Thanksgiving or this holiday," said Barragan.

Captain Laura Kennebeck agrees.

"We are back here supporting them. We are thankful for their service, and we are wishing them and their families a happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays," said Kennebeck.

Barragan, her husband, and their two kids also will not be able to see family in Miami this week, but she says being with other soldiers and seeing senior enlisted and officers serving the meal makes up for it.

"We have to be each other's family. We have to be our second family after the one that we have at home so it is a good thing to see them serving us. It makes the soldiers feel good," said Barragan.

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