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11/20/12 WTVM EDITORIAL: States Seceding


What would you think about no longer being called an American, and being known only as a "Georgian" or "Alabamian"?

Well, an effort is underway to have both states actually withdraw from the United States of America. 

Several states have met the easy qualifications to have the White House consider such a drastic action. Georgia and Alabama are now among the handful of states that have qualified, getting the necessary 25,000 signatures within 30-days of the election.

In fact, petitions are right now circulating throughout all 50 states for each to secede from "The Union".

The White House has the responsibility to consider each petition to secede - although it's highly unlikely that any will ever become reality.

I think the time to has come to accept reality, stop all the distractions, and let's work together to solve our problems.

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