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Your Look Ahead To News Leader 9 at 11

Good Evening, I'm Barbara Gauthier in the WTVM Newsroom.  I know you may be preparing for Thanksgiving Day tonight but I hope you'll take time to join us in a little bit for News Leader 9 at 11.  Here's a look at some of the stories we're working on right now for the newscast.

Grocery Stores Crowded Ahead of Thanksgiving Feast

Lots of people were out doing some last minute grocery shopping for their Thanksgiving feast tonight. We'll show you some of the madness and long lines as local shoppers made the mad dash to find some popular food items that in some cases were in short supply.

Airport Delays on Biggest Travel Day

On this busiest travel day of the year, airport delays may have some folks getting to Grandma's house a little late for Thanksgiving.  We'll tell which airlines and which airports are experiencing delays.

Black Friday Shopping Safety

After the Thanksgiving meal comes the Black Friday shopping, but before you hit the malls we've got valuable information that could help you avoid becoming a crime victim.  Don't miss our safe shopping tips you'll need all holiday season.

Join us for these stories plus your forecast for the entire holiday weekend.  It's all coming up tonight on News Leader 9 at 11.


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