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Powerball jackpot soars to $325 Million


The fourth largest Powerball lottery prize in history is available for someone to win.  The figure has hit three hundred twenty-five million dollars, which is an increase of seventy-five million more than just three days ago. 

Alabama is one of the only states in the country to not participate, but residents close to the border who want to play are lucky that they have a short drive.

 "I'm right here anyway, so it isn't too far to come across the creek, so it doesn't matter to me," said Willy Crawford.

Generally, ticket sales reach an all-time high when the jackpot reaches these heights, but Powerball officials say the number sold has been lower than usual, likely because we're in a holiday weekend.

"I'm hoping to hit it tonight, and I'm playing it.  What am I spending it on?  I'm going to Brazil. I'm leaving the country," said Quinton Jakes.

" I've got the five quick pick on the big jackpot, and I'm hoping that I win it all," said Tommy Church.

The odds of winning Sunday's big prize is 1 in 175,233,510. Based on those numbers, if every person in America were to buy one ticket tonight, there would be approximately two winners.  Add in lower than normal ticket sales, and it's no wonder we haven't seen anyone take home the jackpot yet.

 If the winning ticket isn't sold tonight, the prize could be as much as $425 million by Wednesday.

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