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Auburn fans react to removal of head coach


No one knows exactly when the powers at Auburn began to seriously contemplate the departure of Coach Chizik, but coming the day after a 49-0 loss to Alabama, the decision was not a tough sell. 

"Early this morning, I made a recommendation to Dr. Gogue that coach Chizik not be retained as our head coach.  Dr. Gogue accepted my recommendation, and later this morning, I notified Coach Chizik," said athletic director, Jay Jacobs.

Jacobs said he has already named a committee to begin interviewing potential candidates.

"I'm looking forward to seeing who they get and how it all works out for everybody," said Cameron Barger, an Auburn junior.

"He said Auburn preaches family, but now he had a bad year and everyone wants to turn their back on him," said Larry Sklyerdunn.

Fans were not expecting back-to-back national championships, but they thought they'd see such a reversal.

" I mean I knew who we had in 2010 when we had Cam and we had Nick Fairley and everybody.  But I didn't figure it would drop off that severely after that.  I thought with the recruiting classes we had coming in, we would work through it, but this is probably the worst that I've ever seen it," said Barger.

"Yesterday was pretty ugly, but I guess we kind of saw that coming," said Sklyerdunn.

While the future of the team remains uncertain, the students haven't lost their faith.

It's war eagle anyways war eagle always, we're still proud to be an Auburn tiger no matter what," said Auburn sophomore, Lilly Clark.

Jacobs says he is open to a variety of different coaching strategies and he believes the best candidates in the country will be fighting to get the job. 

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