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Residents want answers after toddler's death


Residents in DeKalb County are looking for answers in an unexpected death of a toddler.

Police said 2-year-old Michael Weeks died Saturday in the care of his stepfather. The police report showed he had bruises and cuts on his body, but no one was taken into custody.

People in Ivy Park Apartment complex were shocked at the toddler's death, and by Monday they were beginning to get both angry and scared.

Residents said a normal Saturday was turned upside down when the boy's stepfather went running around the complex holding the boy screaming.

Lonnie Kemp lives upstairs from the victim and one of the first places the stepfather ran to.

"He said, 'Help me help me,'" Kemp said.

Kemp said she had never met the man, but that didn't stop him from barging right into her apartment.

"He rushed in and then threw the baby in my friend's lap. My friend said, 'This baby is cold,'" said Kemp.

Police questioned the mother and stepfather, but both were released. Some neighbors said they couldn't believe it when they were released.

One resident who didn't want to be identified said, "Something is suspicious. It's very suspicious."

She said that because in the few weeks the couple has lived there, she said it hasn't exactly been quiet.

"You don't know if they were wrestling in there or fighting, we just don't know. It was loud enough to where you could hear it outside. Hear it in the parking lot," said the woman.

And with no arrest made, residents said they're on edge.

"We're just calling each other to check on each other; seeing if he's back in, or even if the mother is back in. We just keep in contact with each other to make sure everybody is OK," said the woman who didn't want to be identified.

But for her it's not enough. She said, "I'm gonna find some place to move now. I'm breaking my lease."

We tried to get in contact with the victim's mother who was apparently out running errands at the time of the incident, but she wasn't home. Neighbors said they haven't seen her around since.

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