Pets of the Day: 11/27/12

Pets of the Day: 11/27/12

(WTVM) - With the arrival of the holidays, the urgency for pets to be rescued from Columbus Animal Care and Control is rising.

It's up to the community to give these deserving animals homes for the holidays and help the shelter that is now operating at full capacity.

TAG 366 is a male lab mix. He's around six months old and has a cheerful and loving personality. He's ready to meet you and become your new best friend.

TAG 310 is an absolute sweet-heart and loves to cuddle. He's three years old and promises to be a wonderful family pet. He deserves a family that will spoil him this Christmas.

TAG 104 is a six month old kitten. He may be a black cat, but promises to bring nothing but good luck, happiness, and a lifetime of love into your home.

TAG 22 is a six week old tabby. He's calm and sweet-natured, making him the perfect addition to your home.

Five of the animals we showcased last week were adopted – including the rabbit! Two were rescued by Paws Humane, and one cat is still available.

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