Residents excited for results of 6th Avenue construction

Residents excited for results of 6th Avenue construction

COLUMBUS, GA - If you have been driving around the Liberty District in Columbus lately, you have probably noticed more construction in the area.

The equipment may have been still on Tuesday afternoon, but you can see signs of all the work on the 6th Avenue flood abatement project almost everywhere you look.

For Blake Dohney, it is just outside the door where he works.

"We're having to pretty much find places to park and kind of compete with everybody else who works around here to park, and getting our shipments in, we kind of have to re-route the truck, and we had to carry them in through a door that's not where we get our shipments in," said Dohney.

Officials say crews are working on flooding and drainage issues that have been a problem in the area for a while.

Right now, it also includes work on 10th Street and soon 11th Street. With all the detour signs, Director of Engineering Donna Newman is urging drivers to find alternate routes.

"Make sure they are paying attention closely to the proper signage and detours because there is a lot of construction and it does change frequently. What may be open in the morning may be closed by the afternoon," said Newman.

Newman says even though all this work is not part of the redevelopment of the Liberty District, it could have a positive effect on the area in the end.

"It will enhance the opportunities for redevelopment by adding additional and upgrading the infrastructure that is in place and improving the overall esthetics of the area," said Newman.

Newman says the project should be complete by next summer.

She says they have had a few delays in the more than $36 million project because of soil materials and utility infrastructure in such an old part of the city.

Dohney says even though all the work has caused a few inconveniences like traffic, he thinks it is all worth it.

"Creating jobs, making Columbus look better, they are all plus. We just have to be patient and just let them do it," said Dohney.

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