Home Depot launches holiday safety campaign

Home Depot launches holiday safety campaign

(WTVM) - The holiday season is traditionally a festive time of year.

Celebrations, family gatherings and visits from guests typically increase during this time and statistics show the number of electrical fires also increases during the holidays.

That's why Home Depot has launched a holiday safety campaign.

It's the season for Christmas trees and holiday lights, but if you're not careful those things could turn the holiday season into tragedy.

Will Smith is a safety expert with the Home Depot. He says lights, circuits and cords are the main causes of holiday house fires.

Smith says those problems can be prevented by using outdoor approved cords and lights, not plugging too many lights into one socket and making sure your Christmas tree isn't fuel for a potential fire.

"If you've got a live tree you don't want it close to a flame," Smith said. "Keep it moist."

Some holiday mishaps don't involve flammables, but falls

"Keep cords out of the way so you don't trip over them," he said.

Smith says if you're just not sure about something, read the labels.

"Most of the things you put out for Christmas are labeled," Smith said. "They will give you good directions on what to do so you need to follow instructions."

Knowing what to do is key, so take our Holiday Electrical Safety Quiz under the Quick Links tab.

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