FDR's Little White House to host Pearl Harbor Commemorative

Little White House (Photo source: getoutdoorsgeorgia.org)
Little White House (Photo source: getoutdoorsgeorgia.org)

WARM SPRINGS, GA (WTVM) - Officials at Franklin D. Roosevelt's presidential retreat are planning a full day of activities for Saturday, December 1.

"This Saturday we want to honor those that served in WWII.  December 7, 1941 is a day that those of that generation will never forget" said Site Manager, Robin Glass.

Pearl Harbor survivor, Dixie Harris, will meet and greet guests and sign autographs for children.  "This is an American hero from the ground up." Glass said and "We are thrilled and honored that our guests are going to get to meet him, shake his hand and have the opportunity to say thank you."

Students are encouraged to visit as well as teachers as this fits right in with the Georgia Performance Standards.  The Little White House also provides opportunities for Boy and Girl Scouts to complete some of their merit badges.

Actor James Fowler of Barnesville, Georgia will provide a re-enactment of the Declaration of War as was delivered by President Roosevelt.  Kelly's Zeroes and the Ft. Gordon Signal Corps Museum will provide living history as a paratroop unit preparing to jump into Holland in 1944.

In addition, Operation Stars and Stripes will be collecting gifts and donations for our troops serving in Afghanistan.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt built the Little White House in 1932 while Governor of New York, prior to being inaugurated as president in 1933. During FDR's presidency, he developed many New Deal Programs based upon his experiences in rural Georgia.

While posing for a portrait on April 12, 1945, FDR suffered a stroke and died a short while later.  Today, the "Unfinished Portrait" is featured in a museum that showcases many exhibits, including FDR's 1938 Ford with hand controls.

Visitors can tour FDR's home, which has been carefully preserved very much as he left it, the Servants and Guest quarters, and the nearby Pools complex that FDR built and what first brought the future president to Warm Springs.

For more information call (706) 655-5870.

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