Longtime Columbus educators retiring

Longtime Columbus educators retiring

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Educators play a huge role in how your child learns and grows as a person.

After about 40 years each in the Muscogee County School System, three women who have had such a huge impact on kids' lives are retiring.

Jeanella Pendleton, principal at Reese Road Leadership Academy, says she will miss the students the most.

"There is never a time when I'm feeling down or having a bad day that I can't go out in the classroom or see a kid in the hallway or see a kid the cafeteria and be lifted, my spirits lifted," Pendleton said.

Pendleton says even though she hates to go, she couldn't pass up an opportunity to have a 3% tax offset for her retirement benefits. She says retiring after December 1 would have prevented that.

"I had struggled with that for over a month whether to do that now or later," Pendleton said.

BJ Thomas McBride, Director of Guidance Services, Social Work, Safe and Drug-Free Schools says for her, it was just time to say good-bye after 41 years in the school system.

She leaves students with one last message.

"Because you never know when that one act or that one statement that one behavior is going to direct your path the rest of your life," McBride said. "So, put your best foot forward each and every time you take a step."

Karon Greyer, Director of Elementary Education, says on her last day with the school system, she has realized how much of an impact educators have on the community. She encourages teachers to continue working hard.

"If teachers keep their focus on children, their focus on passion that they have for their work and learning each day then they will continue to do a good job," Greyer said.

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