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Fans gear up for SEC Championship game


Paul Carroll knows the Crimson Tide so well it wouldn't be surprising if "Roll Tide" was his first word. 

At his home the shelves are filled with Alabama memorabilia. He can typically be found dressed in "Bama" gear from head to toe.

It's not secret Paul Carroll bleeds crimson red through and through.

"I've been in arguments before sometimes, I just have to say after I get in an argument with somebody why am I that passionate about this, what drives me to defend a school that I didn't even go to that school," Carroll said.

Carroll says it's the connection and love for the game that keeps him cheering on Alabama, so much so that he even named his four year old son Crimson.
"We didn't really know what we were going to name him and I said hey, how about Crimson and she let me run with it. I can thank her for letting me do that,"  Carroll said.

If you thought it stopped there it gets even better. Paul's older son has the middle name Namath, as in Alabama & NFL star Joe Namath. He says his four-year-old his proud of his name and gets a lot of compliments on it.

"I almost named him Saban, but I was like if Nick Saban leaves and goes to the pros he's going to get ripped apart later on so I stayed away from Saban," Carroll said. 

 Bryce would stay far away from Nick Saban too; he is a Georgia fan.

"I love Georgia and I love number 29 Jarvis Jones, I like Aaron Murrey,and I miss A.J. Green," said Bryce. 

Bryce's father is "War Eagle" all the way but is siding with his son this time around.

"I think, well its pretty evenly matched but all I can say is Alabama fans are going to be pretty sad tomorrow."

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