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Community comes together in support of the Brown family


People from all over East Texas converged on a small community to support a family's struggle to come back together. Sean Brown came home from Afghanistan after his wife went into a coma while 34 weeks pregnant. While baby John is healthy and safe, his mother, Heather Brown remains in a coma in a Shreveport hospital. Gathering at Calvary Baptist church, walkers , runners and cyclists came to raise money for the Brown family.

"Our heart goes out to the Browns , they've been a part of this church participated in this church and when they hurt we all hurt so we're doing what we can to help," says Calvary Baptist pastor David McGee.

"Its wonderfully overwhelming to know I have this support and following not just with the church family but the community as well that's out there," Sean says.

Participants came in family groups and company teams, all compelled by the Browns story.

"We just like to help if we can our family thought it would be something fun to do together and an opportunity to help someone too," says runner Serina Head.

For Sean himself, its reassurance of the goodness of East Texas hearts.

"We are so anxious for her to hurry up and get well and come home but its in Gods time but with this encouragement it lifts us up every day. Its nice to see that the care and compassion of Americans and individuals out there is still alive and thriving. Its all just and outpouring of love and encouragement and donations to help, not for me, Heather and John are the big thing here," he says.

And Sean continues to say to his wife , what she said to him many times.

"There was a phrase she would always say, I love you forever and ever no matter what, and that's what I tell her every day," says Sean.

Brown still asks for well-wishers to pray for his wife's recovery.

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