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Sunday alcohol sales begin in Columbus


It's the first Sunday in history, Muscogee County residents don't have to cross the river to buy alcohol.

There have been mixed reactions on all sides but one liquor store employee said the extra day of work will help him provide for his family.

Cold beer, plenty of wine, any pretty much any liquor you can think of were all up for grabs.

"We had customers in the parking lot roughly around 12:15[p.m.] waiting for us to open. They were happy to see us here," Night Store Manager at Mr. B's Liquor store, Tavis Parker said.

Happy because it's a Sunday and in Muscogee County the doors of liquor stores are opened; and all alcoholic beverages at grocery stores and convenience stores are available to purchase.

In November, city council officially signed Sunday alcohol sales into law.

Voters approved the ordinance in the last election.

"The business has been pretty steady, I wouldn't say it's been hectic or busy but it's been pretty steady," Parker said.

Parker thinks everyone is going to benefit from the changes.

People get to drink when they want and he makes more money.

"[The pay] is going to be substantial. The economy the way it is now, it's rough. People need extra money. Its a little work but the work pays out," said Parker.

Store owner Ralph Smith's not very happy with the new hours; while Parker is racking in the money, he said he's the one that had to pay out and that's not good for business.

"We just don't think we're going to sell enough to make any money to be opened. The overhead is going to outweigh the profit."

Smith said Mr. B's Liquor Store will try out Sunday alcohol sales for three months. Then, they will evaluate if being opened on Sunday's is a good idea.Parker said he thinks everything will work out for the good.

"I think it's going to affect us in a positive manner. Our customers are happy that we're opened and their happy to come see us on Sundays."

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