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New red light aims to ease traffic, safety concerns


If you drive in East Montgomery, you may have noticed a covered red light on Taylor Road. City officials tell WSFA 12 News the light at the intersection of Taylor Road and Halcyon Park Drive will deployed in a few weeks.

"You just stand here and watch the traffic and the speed, and the big trucks that go down there," said Pat Powell, a manager at Residential Mortgage.

Powell is among those who called the City of Montgomery asking that a traffic light be placed at the intersection.

"We have witnessed so many accidents," Powell said. "One of our customers ended up in the hospital for weeks, with crushed bones everywhere."

The Alabama Department of Transportation estimates 40,000 vehicles travel near the intersection every weekday.  

It's not cheap to install lights at an intersection; the city says it's about $125,000 for a project of this size. 

Much of the cost for this project will be handled by the state, as Taylor Road is also a state highway.

"We provided the money for them to buy the equipment, providing the equipment and the lines, and the city's actually going to install the signal," said Rebecca Lee White, an Information Specialist with ALDOT.

Crews are waiting for final pieces of equipment before beginning work on the project.  It's expected to be completed before the end of the year. 

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