Tuskegee Mayor rallies for reopening of Victoryland

Tuskegee Mayor rallies for reopening of Victoryland

(WTVM) - Controversy still surrounds the proposed reopening of Victoryland.

Before its forced closure in 2010, the casino- home to over 7,000 different slot machines- was the largest electronic bingo casino in the state of Alabama.

Victoryland's owner Milton McGregor plans to reopen the facility before the end of the year, much to the delight of city of Tuskegee.

"2,000 people going back to work, able to feed their families, Monies for our schools and local community, that's a good Christmas present for us," explains Mayor Johnny Ford of Tuskegee.

Since the people of Macon County originally voted in favor of Victoryland and its gaming, Mayor Ford says he will do whatever it takes to make sure the reopening stays right on track.

"The Government of Tuskegee, the Board of Education, the county government, all of us has made it very clear, we plan to stand up and fight for our industry," says Ford.

However, regardless of Tuskegee's enthusiasm, Alabama Attorney General, Luther Strange, vows to stop Victoryland in its tracks.

In statement made to the Montgomery Advertiser, the Attorney General said that a recent Lowndes County court case clearly ruled the illegality of electronic bingo and slot machines in the state.

If the reopening of Victoryland is put on hold, Mayor Ford says he will fight the state of Alabama.

"We are prepared once again to put our lives on the line, not for gambling, forget gambling, this is for voting rights."

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