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Paradise Valley: 11 similar burglaries in recent weeks has residents sounding off

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Paradise Valley is the richest town in Arizona, yet some say they can't afford enough cops to catch a crook whose been ripping off residents since October.

"It was probably one of the most frightening experiences I've ever had in my entire life," said a Paradise Valley resident who is afraid to reveal her identity.

The elderly woman vividly remembers Oct. 13.

"When I heard the glass breaking, I knew without a doubt what was happening," she said.

It was 7:15 on a Saturday night. She was watching TV when her quiet night was shattered by a lot of noise coming from her bedroom.

"A rock was thrown through this window here. (It) landed right behind the desk," the woman told CBS 5 News.

The broken glass didn't trip her alarm. She did.

"When I went out the back door, it triggered the alarm, and I locked myself in the garage and called 911," she said.

The thief took off with nothing, just after opening her jewelry box.

In Thursday night's town council meeting, residents were fired up about all the burglaries. 

"Something's wrong. Something is wrong. There's too much going on in this city. Something needs to be done," said a man whose home was broken into on Thanksgiving.

There have been 11 similar burglaries in recent weeks. According to the Paradise Valley Independent, six of them happened during a week in October and another five break-ins happened the day after Thanksgiving. Residents believe a tiny police force is partly to blame.

"I find three officers on patrol is not adequate to cover the entire town," said a woman whose home had been hit three times.

"There is definitely a lack of visibility of police officers," said a man whose two neighbors had been burglarized.

Paradise Valley police Commander Alan Laitsch would not reveal specifics, but he says the department has stepped up patrols and officers have a good idea of who they're looking for.

"There's evidence that we're finding that would indicate this is someone, most likely a narcotics user who's entering homes to get their daily fix," said Laitsch.

Whoever it is, the elderly victim hopes there is an arrest soon.

"They are getting away with it and nothing's happening," she said.

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