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New 'Aero Shot' caffeine inhaler's safety questioned

A new energy supplement called "Aero Shot" has some doctors questioning its safety, and the Federal Drug Administration questioning its marketing practices.

The Aero Shot, which is marketed as an "aerodynamic energy shot dietary supplement" is only sold at Valley Circle K stores. It is usually found next to drinkable energy shots.

According to the company's website, the Aero Shot is supposed to be drawn into the mount and swallowed, not inhaled.

"The interesting thing about this Aero Shot is that they had an FDA warning. 'Areo' suggests that you inhale it, and in reality with this product, you're swallowing or ingesting it," said Doctor Frank Lovecchio, the co-medical director of Banner's Poison Control Center.

Earlier this year, the FDA issued a warning letter to AeroDesigns, the company that makes Aero Shot, stating, in part:

"The company claims AeroShot is designed to provide "breathable energy, anytime, anyplace." The company also claims on its website that its product is intended to be ingested by swallowing. The company's labeling is false or misleading because these two claims contradict each other. A product cannot be intended for both inhalation and ingestion because the functioning of the epiglottis in the throat keeps the processes of inhaling and swallowing separate."

Lovecchio said the marketing concerns are not the only problem.

"This has as much caffeine, if not more, than a cup of coffee. It has 100 mg of caffeine and it's very quick. It takes you quite a bit to drink a 12 ounce cup of coffee. It's very hard to (drink a cup of coffee) within just about three to four seconds," said Lovecchio.

Lovecchio said he's also concerned that the product appears to be marketed to a younger crowd. However, labeling on the packaging says to only use if you are over 18.

CBS 5 reached out to the marketing director for AeroDesigns, but was not given a comment for this story.

You can read the FDA's full warning letter by clicking here.

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