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WSFA 12 News Exclusive: Silver addresses Dexter Ave. Church

Dr. Joseph silver started his speech with a simple thank you. First to Dexter Avenue Church for having him as the keynote speaker and then to the community for their support during his time of loss. Dr. Silver said his 90 year old mother recently died after battling an illness for two years.

"People in the city did not know how to reach me. I'm still at President's house. I still live on North University Drive. But we received a lot of calls from folks. Folks who sent their condolences over the passing of a great lady. My mother Mr. Augusta King Silver. Her home going was very stately. We had people as close as around the corner and as close as around the corner and as far away as West Africa," Dr. Silvery said.

During his speech, Silver said he can relate to Gob's story in the Bible.

"[I'm] thinking about all that he endured and yet still praised God," Dr. Silver said.

He says all he has now is his faith in God."

"Given, the loss of my mother and all the personal issues that I'm dealing with, but it's more given me an opportunity to put my faith in action," Dr. Silver said.

Throughout his speech, cheers could be heard from the crowd; a sign of support from the church and the community as many are concerned about how he's holding up. Dr. Silver says in the midst of it all, he and his family are doing well.

"It's not even about me. It's about the students. It's about a university. It's about a city. So I'm doing fine. My wife who's been by my side for 37 years is still by my side. and we are exceptionally in good shape, from a mental standpoint and a spiritual standpoint. So we just say thank you to all of those who have provided the great support," Dr. Silver said.

Dr. Silver reiterated his desire to highlight and focus on Dexter Avenue and the church's milestone. He did not entertain any questions concerning the latest on the investigation or his status with the university.

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