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Bibb City rises, the new face of a mill town

For years, the people who live in Bibb City have wanted to rid their streets of crime and poverty.

Steve Gray has been on that mission for quite some time. As the last elected mayor of Bibb City, he came to Tuesday night's meeting with hopes of seeing more change. 

"I think Columbus has done a good job, the police department, the sheriff's department, they have done a good job, but all this stuff that I am complaining about, they probably aren't even aware of it," Gray said. 

Gray called it a Christmas list. He named several things like overgrown weeds and maintaining the property around the old Bibb Elementary school among things that need  to be fixed in Bibb City.

At the Let's Talk!...with the Mayor meeting, Gray told the large crowd while these are small things, he doesn't want to see them slip through the cracks. There's a lot more money to make that happen nowadays.

"I heard them say how many millions of dollars they got, I know what the budget was in Bibb City, I wish I would have had 10 percent of that," Gray said. 

Some of those millions used by the city of Columbus are going toward Bibb City improvements. To start, the Comer gym is being completely renovated after a storm blew its roof off. When the gym reopens, it will also have a precinct office for local law enforcement. 

"There is really so much potential for Bibb City, yes there is a lot of vacant and abandon properties but really that is what creates the potential for new investments," Gray said. 

Some of those investments include the new whitewater rafting course, more river front commercial and residential properties -- launching the once thriving mill town into the future. 

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