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DOJ to conduct assessment of police department's community efforts


Isaac Brown has been a neighborhood watch captain in the Edgewood neighborhood for almost 10 years. 

Brown has encouraged folks in his neighborhood to step up and work with police. He told News Leader 9 that the mayor's plan to implement the Community Oriented Policing Services or COPS program in Columbus would be highly beneficial.
"She's right on target, number one. Our officers do need more training to deal with the people in the community," Brown said.  

Since 1994, the COPS program has worked to strengthen the partnership between local law enforcement and people in communities.

"It originally came up as part of the COPS grant where the Department of Justice would come out and actually audit or look at what you do in the community," Columbus Police Chief RickyBoren said. 

Boren says the department already spends a lot of time working with several community oriented programs. He is looking forward to what the assessment will bring to the department. 

"We want to see what they got, we want to compare what we do now to what there practices or the different things that they are developing," Boren said. 

Mayor Tomlinson explained on Wednesday that the people of Columbus voted on a tax increase back in 2008 for more effective community policing.

Neighborhood watch captain Isaac Brown has seen a number of similar initiatives and efforts in the past but most died before becoming a reality. He's hoping the COPS program will be different. 

"You must put your program into action, you can have all type of programs and nobody is doing anything," Boren said. 

The Department of Justice is expected to administer their assessment at the first of next year. They will then compile a list of surveys and present their findings to the Columbus Police Department. 

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