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12/13/12 WTVM EDITORIAL: Georgia Dome

So, I hear the Atlanta Falcons are getting a new domed stadium in Atlanta. Have you been to the Georgia Dome lately?

You would think it was run-down and shabby to hear folks talk but it still looks awfully good to me, it is only 20 years old. 

The preliminary seating on the proposed new one might actually be less than the Georgia Dome. There are also reports that the Falcons will pay in the area of $700 million. The other $300 million comes from - guess who? - yep, taxpayers.

It's nuts if you ask me!  I would think that money could be spent a lot better and at a time when budgets are tight.

Just think what would $300 million do for education in Georgia? Let's move on and keep our priorities in the right order.

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