Last minute holiday shopping ideas

Last minute holiday shopping ideas

COLUMBUS, GA - We are less than two weeks before Christmas. So, are you stressing because your holiday shopping is not done?

Hundreds of people are heading out to stores throughout Columbus to finish up holiday shopping. At Best Buy, sales associate Jasmine Cannon says they are bracing for more customers.

"It is probably going to get a lot busier than it was Black Friday. We've actually opened a little earlier and closed a little later because we expect so much traffic," said Cannon.

So what is everyone buying? Cannon says TVs, the iPad Mini, and the Wii U have all been hot ticket items.

We also followed Cannon throughout the store for some last minute gift ideas.

"It is called an olloclip. It is for an iPhone 5. It just enhances your picture quality. You can zoom in a little bit more. Zoom out a little bit more. It just gives you better pictures over all," said Cannon.

Cannon says another big gift is Apple TV.

"You connect it to your TV. You go wirelessly and you take whatever is on your iPad, your iPhone, your iPod onto to TV wirelessly," said Cannon.

At Main Street Toy Shop in Columbus, this shopping season has been just as busy. Owner Gladys Griffin says one of the big things this year for them has been educational toys like plankton nets, solar kits, and plant lab.

"Just to kind of get them to get off the sofa and thinking about things and get them in their hands and really hands on kits to discover and learn," said Griffin.

Main Street Toy Shop has a gift for every child with plenty of Hello Kitty, singing toys, and WOW toys.

"When you play with them they don't break you can throw them across the room. They are just so durable," said Griffin.

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